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Darren Grayson Chng reviews an accessible book for lawyers and project managers handling outsourcing projects. Despite this size and spread, BPO services and the ability of clients to manage their providers, are still evolving and have a mixed record. In the course of their research, the authors have found only 20% of outsourcing arrangements are world-class performers.…show more.


Or a Good Hard Look at Wall Streetas one of their favorite books, and they sharewhy you should read it. 1 author pickedA Splendid Exchangeas one of their favorite books, and they sharewhy you should read it. 4 authors pickedFreakonomicsas one of their favorite books, and they sharewhy you should read it. It is the amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a maze and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have in life, for example a good job, a loving relationship, money or possessions, health or spiritual peace of mind. The maze is where you look for what you want, perhaps the organisation you work in, or the family or community you live in.

The Value of Business Outsourcing: How to Do More in Less Time

Two of the most common mistakessmall businesses make are late tax filings and putting off taxes until the last minute. Fines depend on the country’s laws, but failure to file on time in the United States will cost you at least 5 percent of the total taxes due. Though fines won’t exceed 25 percent of the total, any percentage for fines should be better off as savings. Not collecting payables on time is just as bad as not collecting at all. You might eventually forget the money and have a difficult time figuring out why your books don’t make sense.

As a business owner, you’ll be bombarded with a lot of decision-making daily. You can’t make informed, intelligent decisions when your information is all over the place. You also need to organize and make sense of your financials to make sound decisions on where your money should go or if you need to double down on your revenue. Any business, whatever state it is in, should have its books in order regularly to unleash its potential.

Outsourcing Business Processes for Innovation

I have lived through it and I think a heavy toll has been laid on Western Developed countries…Only a few have reaped heavily in the west. Hey there is still opportunity but I think it is a bleak for some ill equipped people for the future based on how the economy developes. There has been a huge social cost, luckily most communites were not mono industries areas, but for the unlucky it is turning some places into ghost towns. Whether you keep your books in spreadsheets or you have paper back-ups of data kept in digital form such as in QuickBooks, discrepancies can arise due to simple human error.

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Who xero airbase integration will help equip you with how to think about the necessary change management you will need to succeed in your outsourcing initiative. Your end of the month reconciliation not only balances the books for the month, but it gives you a snapshot of your KPIS on a monthly basis. However, reconciliation involves a lot of manual work and employee time. Implementing changes to your business based on your business intelligence including your KPIs, takes time. If you consider the amount of time your business could save by outsourcing this monthly task, you could divert employee time and resources into improving and growing the business.

Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation And Growth Through Outsourcing

Unfortunately when it comes to bookkeeping, a simple mistake can waste a lot of time trying to fix and reconcile the error. This is where using an outsourced bookkeeper can save you time and resources. When you outsource your bookkeeping to a dedicated service team, you have multiple sets of eyes on your books to not only check for errors, but to also insert an additional layer of internal controls to prevent business fraud. After all, if the person writing your business checks is also the person reconciling your bank account at the end of the month, you are leaving your business wide open for employee theft. With an outsourced team, your reconciliation reports are delivered to you each month, saving you the time and aggravation it takes to balance the books, as well as giving you peace of mind that your money is being watched over. DOUGLAS BROWN is President and cofounder of the Outsourcing Management Institute, an outsourcing consulting firm to institutional advisors, prominent corporations, governments, and other organizations.

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Tips include assigning great leadership pairs; focusing on business and strategic benefits beyond cost efficiencies; and resolving issues together while prioritizing and incentivizing innovation. The overriding themes of these tips are collaboration, alignment, and flexible governance frameworks—all music to my ears for creating a successful outsourcing relationship. Outsourcing is a book I wish I had when I first started practising in the area. It is aimed at practitioners, and is produced by DLA Piper’s technology and outsourcing team.

Outsourcing and Management

Let’s face it, we’re all human and we all make mistakes, but one missed keystroke can throw the books completely off-balance. With over 10 years of digital content writing experience, JD has been stringing words together for companies from different industries, creating anything from website content to blogs and press releases. She joined MCVO Talent Resources in 2020 as Writer/Editor, hoping to help more businesses achieve their goals by writing content that engages and drives growth.


They share real examples of how perverse incentives can affect our decisions. My research at the University of Tennessee has identified 12 perverse incentives of outsourcing that can plague and derail an outsourcing relationship. I like this book because it helps make the concept of perverse incentives very real and puts empirical evidence around the craziness that can happen if you don’t overlook inherent perverse incentivizes. Simply put, this book will not only make you laugh, it will help you be more aware of perverse incentives. A key issue to have emerged for many organisations has been the growing importance of outsourcing. The drive for greater efficiencies and cost reductions has forced many organisations to increasingly specialise in a limited number of key areas.

Surprise audits will be less stressful when you regularly organize your books. Besides partnering with a trusted vendor, it’s vital to determine which outsourcing destination is right for your business and brand. From locations in the U.S., to nearshore and offshore options around the world, this e-book highlights some of the top locales for consideration, and the factors to keep in mind as you make your decision. Read the full book review and summary of Zero To One, here. Read the full book review and summary of The 4-Hour Workweek, here.


This suggests that the keys to scale up your business are attracting and retaining the right people, creating a truly differentiated strategy, directing flawless execution, and keeping cash reserves to weather the storms. We’ve done a full review and summary of each book below – so click through if you want to know more. For much of the twentieth century, large companies employing many workers formed the bedrock of the U.S. economy. Today, as David Weil’s groundbreaking analysis shows, large corporations have shed their role as direct employers of the people responsible for their products, in favor of outsourcing work to small companies that compete fiercely with one another.

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The book is written plainly enough so it should not pose a challenge to a non-legal audience. Project managers and procurement staff could find useful both those case study examples and the chapters relating to project management, such as business case preparation and budget allocation. The book goes as far as to give tips on the planning of timelines for each stage of the procurement process, which I find in practice is oft overlooked by project managers. Levitt and Dubner’s entertaining bestseller explores hidden and perverse incentives that color our personal and business lives.

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