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HYUNDAI LED Lighting is specifically formulated providing instant illumination to your indoors and outdoors for decorative and functional purposes.
Our LED Lights further enhance productivity by having lower environmental impact.

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Lighting range.

LED Bulb Light

Led bulb lights are specifically formulated to substitute conventional bulbs with solid state, instant start technology with upto 88% energy saving. Along with being durable and eco friendly, HYUNDAI LED Bulbs emit very low heat minimizing your electricity costs.


Unlike traditional LED Lights, HYUNDAI LED COB Lights are innovative lighting solutions that offer uniform brightness in a compact form factor. These Lights are known for their energy efficiency, long lifespan and minimal heat generation, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings.

LED Panel Light

HYUNDAI LED Panel Lights redefine modern illumination with their sleek design and advanced technology. These lights provide brilliant, uniform lighting making them perfect for various applications, from offices and retail spaces to residential interiors. With their energy-efficient LED technology and well designed thermal management system, HYUNDAI LED panel lights not only save on electricity costs but also have a longer lifespan of upto 25,000 hours, reducing maintenance needs. Experience the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and superior lighting quality with HYUNDAI LED Panel Lights.

LED Down Light

Bringing revolution to the lighting technology, HYUNDAI LED Downlight spreads brightness with a clear and focused flash of light enhancing the beauty surrounding your home & office environment offering 12 months warranty!

LED Tube Light

HYUNDAI LED Tubelights are cutting edge lighting solutions designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly illumination. These tubelights utilize advanced LED technology to offer superior energy efficiency and long lasting performance. With their sleek and compact design, they seamlessly replace traditional fluorescent tubelights, offering instant and flicker free mechanism. HYUNDAI LED Tubelights are specially formulated to provide high brightness, excellent color rendering and extended lifespan, making them a cost effective and sustainable choice for both residential and commercial applications.

LED Flood Light

HYUNDAI LED Flood Lights are robust lighting fixtures that excel at illuminating vast outdoor areas with a powerful and expansive beam of light angle of 120°. Operating at a working capacity of upto 50000 hours, these lights are typically constructed with durable materials ensuring their longevity and reliability in diverse outdoor environments.

LED Track Light

Combining functionality and style, HYUNDAI LED Track Lights are lighting fixtures that are specifically designed with a beam angle of 38°, allowing for flexible positioning and easy adjustability. With their modern design, these lights enhance the aesthetics of any space. Equipped with high quality LED technology, HYUNDAI Track Lights reflect bright and consistent lighting, making them ideal for accent lighting, gallery displays or highlighting architectural features.

Chief Machinery Corporation

The CMC Group of Companies takes due pride in sharing the role of industry leadership with Hyundai in Pakistan. We are equally aware of shouldering the responsibility to deliver qualitatively and up to the mark of our customers’ utmost satisfaction.



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